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Clients on the At Home and Income Assistance Ministry Programs do not have access to the shopping cart, please call to order. 604-927-2910 or toll free 1-877-927-2234; email PDC.CallCentre@gov.bc.ca

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Procedural mask, faceshield, hand sanitizer are now available on the cart. Procedural mask product # are 6515110707 & 6515110704. Hand Sanitizer product # is 6505034337 Faceshield product # is 6515345523

**Attention all PDC Clients**

We have limited inventory available of hand sanitizer and masks!

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Many personal protective equipment items (PPE) are currently on backorder or allocation (hand sanitizer, masks, gowns, gloves, etc).
PDC is allocating available inventory to our customers; you may see your order quantity reduced for these items.
We are shipping all other products as usual, however, please do not over order or “stockpile”.

**Please be advised that PDC will not accept returns for PPE items ordered due to the COVID-19 virus (ie. Hand sanitizer, masks, gowns, gloves, etc).**


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The Product Distribution Centre(PDC) is a full service supply facility that provides a range of products to government, crown corporations and voluntary sector organizations
Major programs include:

  • At Home Care program for the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD);
  • Persons With Disabilities (PWD) – Income Assistance, Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction (MSDPR)
  • BC Ambulance Services (BCAS) – British Columbia Emergency Health Services;
  • BC Corrections Branch, of the Ministry of Justice;
  • Other public sector bodies with full service; customized supply solutions related to:
    • Career Apparel and Uniforms
    • Industrial Strength Janitorial Products
    • Medical Devices and Health-Related Products:
      • Feeding Supplies and Equipment
      • Personal Care Products
    • First Aid Supplies
    • First Responder Products (BCEHS and Fire Departments)
    • Pharmaceutical

If you do not have a customer number and would like to be setup, please contact Customer Service at: 604 927-2285 or toll free: 1 800 988-1155.