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Clients on the At Home and Income Assistance Ministry Programs do not have access to the shopping cart, please call to order.

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New Hierarchy Structure

PDC is re-structuring our shopping cart hierarchies to make your shopping experience much easier and intuitive. The first hierarchies to be changed and updated will be Pharmaceutical and Personal Care. You will see the new layout is aligned with pharmacies and grocery store pharmacies.

To provide a reference and assist all clients with this transition, PDC has provided previous and new flow charts of these hierarchies on the shopping cart itself, but they can also be printed out and kept as a guide.

The full change will be in affect by May 1st,2017. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.


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The Product Distribution Centre (PDC) is a full service supply facility that provides a range of products to government, crown corporations and voluntary sector organizations. The product areas include the following:

  • Emergency Preparedness Products
  • Career Apparel and Uniforms
  • Industrial Strength Janitorial Products
  • Medical Devices and Health-Related Products:
    • Feeding Supplies and Equipment
    • Personal Care Products
  • First Aid Supplies for Level I, II and III
  • First Responder Products (BCEHS and Fire Departments)
  • Pharmaceutical

If you do not have a customer number and would like to be setup, please contact Customer Service at: 604 927-2285 or toll free: 1 800 988-1155.